A day at the fair

 Melton Country Fair went really well – after a pretty grim Rainy Saturday we were quite lucky with the weather and only experienced one very short rain shower all day, which felt like a bit of a reprieve after the downpours, hailstorms and tornedos of the last week.

Ian made a sturdy wind shelter around the Raku kiln to protect the gas flame from the gusty wind and made sure that our gazebos were well pegged down and couldn’t blow away and we were all set.

I think we had about 50 people come and have a go on the wheel, although it was mostly kids. Adults seem more afraid of “making a fool of themselves” and only a couple of grownups were brave enough to risk it, and ended up making really nice pots!

It’s a lovely event and I was sorry not to get more time to look round it properly, but I did have time to meet a Barn Owl, chat to the Riverford vegbox people and scoff some delicious strawberries. A top day out all in all!

putting the finishing touches to another masterpiecePutting the finishing touches to her masterpiece. enjoying getting her hands dirty Enjoying getting their hands dirty.

My friends Jo and Faye were absolute stars – they ran the Raku stall. Faye did get a little bit tired of being asked if she had come in costume – she always dresses like this!

Jo and Faye doing their thingPots reducing in the sawdust bins. all hands on deck Teamwork.
leaning over the windbreak to get the last pots out of the bottom of the kilnIan’s sturdy windbreak stopped the flame from blowing out on a very gusty day. precisely applied sawdustPrecisely applied sawdust.
these flames mean a good copper reduction is forming in the glazeThese flames mean that the glaze will be very rich and metallic. Jo putting the last of the pots into the reduction binsJo putting the last of the pots into the reduction bins.

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