Jigger Jolley conversion kit for sale

For sale:

Jigger arm, Jolley cuphead and mouldmaking block and case. This has been adapted to fit on a standard Alsager wheel, all you need to do is unscrew the wheelhead, replace with the cuphead and bolt the arm into position. £75 buyer collects from Loughborough or delivery possible at exta cost.

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Laser G2 kiln shed for sale

For sale: Lovely bespoke designed and hand made kiln shed! Perfect if you don’t have a garage or similar to house your kiln in and don’t want to fill your studio with kiln fumes. There’s a hole in the roof to allow for the flue, a small hole on the side to run wiring in for the electric controller and double doors for lots of access when packing the kiln. £100 for the shed (kiln and chimney not included!) Buyer collects or an additional delivery cost might be possible.

External dimensions:
Height at front – 188cm
Height at back – 160cm
Width – 100cm
Depth – 104cm

Roof hole is 32cm in diameter

Internal dimensions:
Height at front – 180cm
Height at back – 159cm
Width – 91.5cm
Depth – 96cm



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RawArts Raku Workshops

These were evening sessions with the RawArts group from Rawlins College. In the first session the group made tiles and decorated them using stamps I’d carved for them and then we Raku fired in the second week.

Many thanks to my friend Faye who came and got stuck in, she was a fantastic help!

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Reduction stoneware

I love working with heavily grogged stoneware bodies which result in warm, rich glazes. I have moved forward to high-fired reduction firings, exploring the classic Shino, Celadon and Tenmoku glazes in particular.

I am drawn to certain shapes and forms and continue to make them in a (probably endless) search for that elusive sense of “rightness” in an object.

At the moment I am having a lot of fun using traditional wood-fired packing techniques in my little kiln such as tumble stacking and using wadding and shells. This has some lovely effects such as causing a pleasing distortion of some clay bodies, local reduction and warm flashing marks on the pots and this all adds to the feeling of the immediacy of the flame and gives a richness to the glaze surfaces.

Recent stoneware pots, click on the photos below to see a larger images.

Shino sake set 

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